Saturday, May 16, 2009

I'm on FB! Twitter craze.

I was initially cynical of FB because I thought it was of no big deal. I decided to register my ranks with it however, when Meifen told me that I could look for our old classmates on it. I was so excited at the prospect and promptly joined it on the same day afterwards.

I did find some old friends and we have resumed contact. I really cherish these opportunities to do so with them. A couple of them are even in New York and Canada!

Some other things which have enticed me so so much are the quizzes, the groups, the Pick Your Five situations and the gift applications. Friends on my list have commented on the number of quizzes I've done and are probably fed up with my random and countless gift applications, especially food, that I've sent to them!

At the same time, there are some things in FB which neutralise my excessive craze for it. Some applications do not work or take a long time to upload. Some quizzes are created with bad English or are ridiculous in nature. Your status is put out for all to see, so you must be cautious when deciding what to write. People will start asking you questions based on it, and if you are someone rather private, it can be intimidating! Some of the games are not easy to play too! I had a hard time with Pet Society and Hell's Kitchen.

A few local celebrities gave their opinions on Twitter. Melody Chen prefers it to a blog. I think she likes to summarise her thoughts. I love blogging, on the contrary. ( Isn't it obvious? Lol.) I guess I am a person of many words ( and thoughts!). I also feel that Twitter is a mere aspect of what Facebook allows its users to do. Both allow their users to update their status(term in Facebook). Facebook allows you to play games, do quizzes and send applications. I am definitely on Patricia Mok's side in this :D

Monday, May 4, 2009

My take on the Star Awards

Those who worked hard were rewarded. I am happy that Ng Hui and Guo Liang got awards. She acted really well and it's about time he did get it. He is an eloquent compere.

There were those whom I predicted would get awards, like Chen Hanwei. He acted really well. Also, Little Nonya was the best picture and had the best theme song.

The debate about Jeanette Aw and Joanne Peh has got my view flaring too. I feel the former should have gotten the award. It wasn't easy with so many emotional scenes for her TWO roles. At the same time, I admit that I'm biased in her favour. I was just as disappointed as she was. Well, at least she got into the Top 10 list. There was no doubt about it. Her roles were a tremendous cause for it. Joanne had scenes to develop her acting potential too. Her lunatic scenes in the attap hut weren't easy to act. I may sound like a sore-loser here but the media implied that she was arrogant when she first came into the industry and received no applause from her colleagues at a particular awards ceremony. It's better now, of course.

I'm happy that Dai Yangtian got the award. I'm a fan of him. His outfit was dandy too and I loved Jessca Liu's yellow gown too. I'm also happy for Zheng Geping. It was his first time in the top 10 list. :)

Fiona Xie and Michelle Chia didn't get into the Top 10 list. Hmm. I also happened to notice the latter giving an irritated look when Yvonne Lim gave air-kisses during her speech. She may have been trying to imitate the Hollywood celebrities but that's her perogative, I feel.

Finally, I'm heartened to know that there were many thanks offered to God by some winners, and am especially inspired by Chew Chor Meng's speech where he gave God back the glory and showed faith in His promise to heal his condition. :D