Friday, September 27, 2013

Undercover Boss

I have watched dozens of episodes of this programme where a senior management staff member pretends to be a new job applicant for the lowest-ranked positions within the company. This is so that he can understand first-hand the backroom operations. At the end of his stint, he unveils his true professional identity, either offering solutions or rewards in the process.

It was on one of the recent episodes about a fast food drive-in company that I was truly struck with a what-if thought. What if a senior management staff of AXA Life came unannounced as a junior administrative assistant and I had to teach her my job? How would I be seen in his/her eyes? Well, I'd better hope the person does not come on one of my ultra-bad days! :P

Friday, September 20, 2013

Lie To Me

Yet another Korean drama has created an impact on me! I first watched it midway through the series.

I think it is the tender love scenes that captivate me. Though there are long kisses in the drama, they are not lustful but radiate the feelings between the couple. The accompanying soundtracks make the scenes more emotionally charged, of course.

Another reason is that the male lead Kang Ji-hwan looks like my favourite Korean actor Park Shi Hoo and his chemistry with the female lead Yoon Eun-hye is spellbinding.

A third reason is the fashion style of Ki-joon's ex-fiance. I love her typically Korean dressing; so feminine and after my own heart. On another note, I think Ah-jung looks better with her hair cut off in the middle of the series, than with her originally longer hair at the first part of the series.

This series has taken over my heart for now and I still re-watch certain scenes, as well as replay certain soundtracks.