Saturday, July 6, 2013

"Secrets" from The Secret Shopper's Revenge that resonate with me

Nurturing the soul of an artist is both exhausting and addictive.

I did think for a little while....I was the only person who could get away with 'teasing' him.

All artists have moods...those monstrous sulks that he could maintain for weeks and weeks.

The whole store is designed to resemble a high street, complete with wooden benches and metal signposts that direct us to the Market Garden and the Cheese Ripening Room and the Granary Bakehouse and the Wine Merchant. And then there is a sign pointing into the air, to The Village Green. Picnic-style tables are arranged round the edge, and food stalls are scattered on the grass. The zone is designed like an old-fashioned pharmacy, with dark wooden cabinets and enormous glass jars full of knobbly ginger and gnarled twigs.

This season's floaty pink top covers my flat tummy completely. The boat neck dips nicely.

It is that kind of body fascism that makes women hate themselves.

Life is about taking risks but mad leaps in the dark are an awful lot easier to take when you have got someone at your side.