Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A book that evoked this blog entry

Diary of A Taxi Driver is written by a cab driver who chronicles the different customers he meets everyday. I browsed this book and found it interesting.

I am a regular cab customer due to my physical condition and met three cab drivers who made my rides more outstanding than the rest. The first one gave his take on the customers of the different races; Chinese, Malay and Indian. The second one saw me as a food expert on the stalls in Chomp Chomp, since I have lived in the estate for more than thirty years. He wanted to know which stalls were the original ones and I gladly shared my knowledge with him. The third one discussed with me the hawker food in the estate as well.

I am blessed to have encountered all cab drivers who have been nothing but nice to me. I cannot fathom why people warn me against them. I know that this is a gift from my dear Mother Mary. She also answers my urgent prayers for a cab when I am running late. Thank you, my Mother!