Sunday, June 28, 2009

Can newspapers please check their allegations first?

David Beckham was alleged to have initiated private contact with a topless model after having hit on her and having his advances reciprocated. This was reported in an article written by a newspaper.

When he sued them over this extremely untrue piece of news, they admitted it was untrue and agreed to pay him damage fees. It is one thing to create scandal in order to increase readership, but it is another to attain this objective at the expense of truth, and people's lives and marriages!

Traditional media like newspapers are being compared to new forms like blogs and Facebook. Mr Nelson Quah expressed his opinion that there is no accountability in blogs. I beg to differ. My blog entries are based on newspaper articles, and since he implies that they have a sense of accountability and accuracy, my blog can be said to have that too, albeit containing personal opinions. I may be using a pseudonym but it does not diminish the authenticity of my entries.

Traditional media seems more trustworthy, only if it is limited to current affairs. Tabloid newspapers may not make true allegations, as I had mentioned in the first part of this entry.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Respect of sensibility

Tay Ping Hui has been lambasted for being too intimate with his fans in some photos. Seriously, local celebrities are more discerning in the way they present themselves to the public, and would not want to break the adoration they have received. Besides, he seems to be an open person and was probably being friendly. Different gestures can constitute friendliness. Some other celebrities may not be comfortable doing what he did, but that is due to their perceptions towards friendliness. They are probably more conservative. In any case, they are on his side and have spoken up for him.

He has clarified that his manager and other people were present when the photos were shot, so it was not a personal meeting. If his gestures were out of line, they would have told him so. He has also explained that one of the fans sat on his lap in order to fit into the photo and he had ensured his hands were not on any improper places of her body. I hope these netizens will retract their impulsive conclusions.

Utter disgust at novelist

Low Kay Hwa's works of fiction have been criticized for their low English standard and vulgarities. Mistakes have been quoted in the article for all to see. He however seems to think that just because his books are popular by virtue of the number of copies being borrowed by library users, it does not matter how misleading they may be to readers.

His opinions are repulsive. As an author, he is obliged to ensure that his works are written in a grammatically correct manner and their contents are communicated in a dignified style. Teenagers who read his books will then be educated in a proper way, since education is primarily obtained from books. He is audacious enough to write books with only a C5 grade in O'level English. A distinction is needed to be an author. His works are seen as "amateurish and that of a Sec 1 student". There are even expletives in them. How then can he recommend his books for silent reading periods?! Such material chosen is meant to help students in their language ability. He even shirks responsibility for causing them to adopt the incorrect language usage. Where are his literary and social responsibilities as an author?! How dare he charge $15.90 for each book? It would be an utter waste of money spent!

He has the wrong attitude towards writing novels. He thinks that it does not require good language skills. Which world is he living in? If language is not important, what else can help his story to be told in an accurate manner? It will be subject to massive misinterpretation and confused comprehension by readers. When that happens, he cannot blame anyone but himself, for his lack of linguistics. He is not out to impress people but to ensure his stories are read. Without the understanding of them, which stems from proper linguistic skills in order to communicate them, people will be reading merely words with no attached meanings. Language is the basic foundation of communication in speaking and writing.

Holy Innocents' High's principal is right in implying that by selling the books, the students are advocating the message that the books are good. However, with all this negativity contained within the books, are they really good? How can National Library Board include his books in its campaign to promote local fiction?! His books should be banned!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Love buzz between 2 celebrities

The current issue of 8 Days magazine mentioned a sexy actress with a voluptuous-sized chest being seen holding hands with an actor who is moving up the ladder of the television industry. I figure she is Ann Kok because she had acted as a mother in a recent Channel 8 drama serial. The age difference between them is 8 years. I hope it is not Dai Yang Tian because I really want him to be in a relationship with Jeanette Aw. They looked so compatible in the Little Nonya and before the Peranakan Ball, he did mention something about wanting to date her, I recall.

Darn it! I was correct. The two of them admitted their romance in the current issue of I-weekly. She said though that they had only gone out together. Was it just a try-out session? She admitted that they were shopping at Cold Storage in Cluny Court, but were not holding hands or are not in a relationship. So does it mean that the fan had seen the wrong pair and that I-weekly's report is not accurate?

I am glad that Dai Yangtian is open to dating fans as well. That diminishes the chance of he being involved with Ann Kok. Hehe.

8 Days magazine interviewed Ann Kok over this matter and she explained that he had wanted to eat ice-cream, so she had brought him to a parlour before going with him to the supermarket. She reiterated that they had not been holding hands. She also said that he has been the one asking her out twice or thrice. I wonder if it is as a friend or as a potential partner. He had expressed interest in dating Jeanette Aw. I guess when she did not show active reciprocation to his offer, he switched targets.