Monday, November 9, 2009

Celebrities prejudiced against

Belinda Lee recounted how she was insulted by an expatriate family while filming. Granted, they felt that the television cast and crew was disrupting their peace, but that does not entitle them to the act of insulting the crew, what more a celebrity. Belinda is good in her spoken English and they were probably too shallow in assuming that the uncouth/unrefined character she may have been playing was her real self. They could have politely asked the group to be less noisy, or something to that effect. Perhaps they had lost their tongue and could not phrase a simple request in their native language.

Threatening to call the police even after seeing that it was a filming event, with all the television cameras in the background, makes them uncouth, uncultured, uncivilized, unrefined and callous in my eyes. I am glad they eventually gave way and let the filming continue. I am even happier upon reading that they moved out too. After all, Mediacorp legitimately rented the houses for its drama series and was not committing any illegal activity in them. It goes to show that the family was like a frog in a wall, ignorant of the existence of Mediacorp and its outdoor shooting activities. No, I am not xenophobic.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Body Worlds exhibition

Corpses are stripped of their skin for this exhibition. It may be for an artistic purpose but I wouldn't let my mum's body be mutilated in this way. I feel it is a form of disrespect to the dead. Even though her body is a shell for her soul and it is cremated after death, cremation is a natural method of the death process. The body was the physical form of the person I love. This form of art degrades the journey of life and death, I feel.