Sunday, November 7, 2010

Jeff Chang's new music video

I was perturbed while reading some of the things he said in a newspaper article. They pertain to his latest music video which hints at the presence of casual sex. He claims it is meant for adults but what prevents youths from gaining access to it, with the advanced technology they have at their fingertips? They would think that casual sex is not bad. He claims the video is for lonely adult singles but doesn't this imply that casual sex alleviates loneliness, a potentially harmful message? What about the hurt and unwanted pregnancies that result from the act?

What I don't understand is this. Since he found it awkward to film physically intimate scenes with his female co-stars, why did he change the direction of his music videos? Is it to keep up with the rest of the singers who film such scenes in theirs? If true, isn't this reason rather conformist? Perhaps I am the problem here. I am not used to his new image.