Friday, August 27, 2010

Twitter IS of no use

Jill Alphonso has decided to delete her Twitter account and I condone it. How can the evocative thoughts of our daily events be reduced to a maximum of 140 alphabet letters? That is clearly not doing justice to the very essence of the human mind.

She also spoke on keeping in contact via letter writing. I love pretty stationery like note papers, books and pads, envelopes, cards and stickers. I was happy to read from Jamie Yeo's blog that there is a shop selling all these in Ion. I hope to go there. I still send good old-fashioned Christmas cards to my friends.

I feel that the art of handwriting somewhat reflects the sender's personality. I also feel that it shows more sincerity than a typewritten email. My choice of stationery used is also based on my impression of the recipients. I even keep the handwritten letters and cards people give me :)