Monday, February 8, 2010

Local viewers' unfair grouses

Some television viewers are simply ludicrous in their perspectives towards two variety shows focusing on loving help and generosity towards the needy. Suffice it to say that I love watching Life Transformers, but some of them are simply devoid of understanding towards the underlying objective of the show.

An episode evoked some viewers' disgruntlement towards the production team's choice of family on the list of needy recipients. The living conditions were noticeably in need of an improvement for the sake of the children, and yet these viewers chose to dwell on how the husband's parents treated his wife. They have no sensible reasons to protest against the help anyway, since the neighbours of the family shared the same view as the team. It is ironic how the show maintains very high ratings despite such nonsensical rantings. Perhaps these very viewers watch it to continue noting trivial areas for them to complain about?

Other viewers question the lower value of given furniture as compared to that of another show. They obviously based it on the superficial appearance since the cost of the furniture is not stated. Thank goodness both shows have the same executive producer and she clarified things.

I am impressed by the reply given to the two senders who had expressed their concerns over the episode about the hearing-impaired couple. It addressed their concerns and clarified them so completely, without any tinge of unhappiness or arrogance. This goes to show the importance of diction and how it can assure its readers. The senders should let their case rest after reading the reply.