Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A survey based on Austenesque Reviews

An ardent admirer's self-interview

The first Austenesque novel I ever read was: Edmund Bertram's Diary by Amanda Grange.

The most recent Austenesque novel I read was: Pride and Prescience by Carrie Bebris.

My favourite Jane Austen heroine is: Elizabeth Bennet.

My favourite Jane Austen hero is: Fitzwilliam Darcy.

My favourite original Austenesque character is: Robyn Love in A Weekend With Mr Darcy by Victoria Connelly.  

My favourite Pride and Prejudice variation is: Darcy's Voyage by Kara Louise.

My favourite Austenesque sequel is: A Match For Mary Bennet by Eucharista Ward.

My favourite Austenesque modern adaptation is: Love, Lies and Lizzie by Rosie Rushton.

My favourite Austenesque cover is: Definitely Not Mr Darcy by Karen Doornebos.

One of my favourite Austenesque authors is: Kara Louise.

One of the Austenesque novels currently on my wishlist is: Pemberley Celebrations - The First Year by Kara Louise.

One of my favourite scenes from an Austenesque novel is: both Colonel Fitzwilliam and Darcy standing up to Lady Catherine in Darcy's Voyage.

The Austenesque character I would like as a best friend is: Elizabeth Bennet's maid assigned to her by Darcy in Only Mr Darcy Will Do by Kara Louise.

The Austenesque character I would not like as a best friend is: Lady Grace in Definitely Not Mr Darcy by Karen Doornebos.

The thing I love most about Austenesque novels is: the varied storylines.

If I could live in any Austenesque novel, I would choose: A Weekend With Mr Darcy by Victoria Connelly.

The Austenesque character I would like to trade places with is: Amanda Price in Lost In Austen. I know it is a film and not a novel, but I have always wished her time-travel adventure would happen to me.

The Austenesque character I would not like to trade places with is: Courtney who finds herself in Jane Mansfield's body and experiences leeching in Confessions of a Jane Austen Addict by Laurie Viera Rigler.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Family's Honour

I first heard of this Korean drama from a friend who felt I would like it. She mentioned that the Korean culture and food are part of it. Besides, the actor I like is in it. I was rather skeptical and took a long time to actually watch the episodes.

She was right. I do like it :) Again, certain aspects of it have made a strong impression on me.

I like the idea of the couple falling in love for real when they were only putting up a show to give her other suitor the wrong idea. They pretend to be a couple and do things that couples do. When the charade ends, they don't tell each other their true feelings and suffer in tearful silence. I love their restraint and silent tears when they try to forget each other. Of course, they get together in the end.

They have to overcome more obstacles before they have a happy married life. The guy's parents object to her at first because she is a widow and her two brothers are divorcees. The mother especially does not give her consent to their marriage. They decide to break up as a result and he decides to leave for America. They finally get his mother's consent due to his threat. They get into life-threatening situations and the girl exchanges his life for their relationship. All these result in more tears but his mother finally accepts the girl wholeheartedly, and they do get married. Again, their chemistry is a drawing factor too.

Their marriage is really fun and the ideal kind of marriage I would like to have. They banter and play with each other. The girl has to nurture the guy who suddenly becomes a crybaby. At the same time, she is there for him to run back to when things get difficult. So is he there for her. The good thing too is that they wait till after they are married, before they sleep together. Remaining chaste for one's future husband and modest behaviour, purity in marriage through simple wedding bands and post-marital sex, giving birth to help increase the country's dwindling population - all these are values I agree with.

The fashion does not make much of an impact on me but the court shoes in a kitten heel style are what I already like. It is the Korean traditional costume that attracts my attention. The colours and cutting of the hanbok seem so appealing and comfortable at the same time. I have fallen in love with Korean food too. As a result, I have borrowed books on it and plan to cook some dishes from them. I have eaten dishes like Blimbap and Kimchi. It is healthy with a lot of vegetables, as Korean food is known to be. Beef and pork are also part of Korean cuisine. I love the other side dishes like spinach and bean sprouts, and appetizers like Pumpkin Congee too.

I think this Korean drama is more worth watching than Prosecutor Princess, primarily for the storyline, the values advocated and the culture promoted.