Monday, November 10, 2008

New books to be recommended


Midnight Masquerade(Tiara Club): the princesses have to deal with the twins yet again and the preparations of one of them are actually sabotaged before her ice-skating competition. Thankfully, she gets help and the twins' deed is exposed. This is the latest book in this series. I absolutely love the blue cover and the outfits mentioned in the story.

Austenland: good experience of the Regency era, vicariously lived through the eyes of a modern-day chick. She becomes a lady in the early 19th century when she dons the clothes and takes on the lifestyle in this eponymous place.

Confessions of a Jane Austen Addict: picks up as you get to the middle of the book and then you can't put it down till you finish reading it. Jane Austen is featured in the book and I can identify with Courtney's ecstasy as she beholds her, since I'm an Austen fanatic too. I like this book more than Austenland, though both portrays the Regency era. I guess it is because this one makes it seem more realistic, where Courtney wakes up in Jane's body. The element of time travel is an intrinsic part of the plot, which makes this book all the more beguiling.

Seducing Mr Darcy: skipping the sexually explicit portions does not make the perusal any less engrossing. The plot itself is attractive - the protaganists trying to restore the proper ending of Pride and Prejudice, as their imaginations have run too wild and have wrought havoc in the book, turning it topsy-turvy and deviant from its literary era.

Library news!

Drop Everything And Read(DEAR) is on once again at all libraries. From 1 November to 31 January( I hope I am correct about the end date), all members can borrow twice the usual number of books they borrow. Being a basic member, I can borrow 8 books or magazines. Premium members can borrow 16. We are given 2 weeks for magazines and 3 weeks for books. I've already embarked on my quest for 8 books each time I step into the library.

Also, Bishan Library is asking for English fiction books for readers from 17-40 years of age. Of course, these donated books are to be in good condition, ie. no stains or missing/torn pages. I've donated 6-7 books so I can make room for the countless books I've bought and that are waiting to be read. Some people donate non-fiction, children's and Chinese books. Can't they understand English?!