Saturday, October 31, 2009

Amazing Race S15

The recent episode which showed Mika unable to overcome her extreme fear of water was strikingly memorable. One half of the Globetrotters team was psychologically manipulating her emotions to give in to her fear so that the time would run out and his team could go first, thus avoiding elimination. That was unexpected not just for Canaan but for me too. I never thought he would be that despicable. Most teams do everything to win the race but what he did is too much, I feel.

The surprising and noble thing is that Canaan forgave Mika for getting them eliminated from the race and not being able to overcome her fear. She deserved to feel guilty for letting him down but he said that no one is perfect and to forgive is to be free. She should feel even worse after that and treasure him even more. What a guy! Such a role model for Christian guys in a relationship, assuming he is Christian!

Maria and Tiffany decided to hold their heads high and quit the race rather than hear the news of their elimination. They could not complete both detours before reaching the pit stop. I felt bad for them even though I frowned upon the fact that they did less work at the bell tower as compared to the other teams. They knew their limitations and humbly accepted that knowledge. Through the leagues of the race, they were firm in their teamwork and friendship. They are more honest and true to themselves than the Globetrotters, whose deed I mentioned above. I must confess that I initially thought of them as bimbos but I am now humbled by their dignified behaviour.