Friday, November 15, 2013

The Magic in A Winter Flame

She loved him so much it hurt sometimes. "I love him so much it hurts me."

Eve was very much in the mould of her aunt with her big bosom and the nipped-in waist of a fifties film starlet.

There was a gorgeous orange and cinnamon sorbet at Christmas.

We used to have a twelve-foot Christmas tree and every visitor had to bring a bauble for it.

There was a conical cabin selling soup and hot chocolate.

The buffet that awaited them was a feast to behold. The caterers had excelled themselves with tiny two-bite sandwiches: turkey and stuffing, pork and apple, Wensleydale and red onion chutney, prawn and curried mayonnaise. There were the diddiest little mince pies with a brandy butter swirl, caramel apple crumbles with custard, mini tubs of Christmas pudding ice cream. Latticed pies, pastries, miniature chocolate rum roulades were on the list too.

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