Sunday, June 8, 2014

Good Doctor and Big Man

I discovered these two Korean dramas by chance.

Good Doctor touches me because the protagonist who is an austistic medical student, finally gets to pass his medical exam after having been initially rejected by the medical board. It is a tale of perseverance and of acceptance, of shared passion to heal patients. He is accepted by the girl he loves, by the staff around him and as a younger brother by a senior doctor. Their love is innocently sweet due to his mental age, but it is in the simplicity coupled with sincerity that the love is more poignant. The newly found brotherhood with the senior doctor is also a happy moment to behold.  

There are other moments that create an impact on me too. The senior doctor who usually looks serious, proposes to his longtime girlfriend and we see a lighter side of him then. All the staff wish for a small girl to get well after her operation develops complications, with the senior doctor being most vulnerable and turning to prayer in a Catholic chapel(there is a crucifix!). The director acknowledges the existence of another treatment after medical means, which is an allusion to prayer, really.

Big Man, which is currently showing, affects me in terms of how the victimized protagonist tries to protect the girl he loves, even though she was just about to tell the truth to save him from conviction. He admits to a crime he has not committed and pretends to hate her for that reason. He really does not want her to get involved with trying to save him, as he had overheard a tape clip in which her life is in danger. The pain and anguish he hides at having to hurt her, out of love for her, is something that always has an profound impact on me.  

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